The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Trip to Bergen: Day 2

We were lucky to have found a place to stay right downtown for a good price with enough room for all of us. However what we did not realize beforehand was that it was welcome week for the students coming to College, and that the hotel sat atop a dance club. Welcome week consists of jr/sr students taking groups of freshmen students around the city for what seemed like 48 hours. We were also told it was an opportunity for lots of drinking. Thankfully we were tired enough that we were all able to sleep regardless of how loud it was.

Just imagine this group by 10pm

Our first stop was the aquarium. Ethan is an aspiring oceanographer and it was the fact that Norway is surrounded by water that helped get him excited about relocating for a year. So we set out for the Akvariet i Bergen which didn’t disappoint.

There was quite a bit of time spent at the wading pool

This is definitely in Ethan’s future

We watched the seals from up above …

… and from down below

This guy took the prize for the most bizarre. His eyes were so bright they looked as if they were illuminated, and every time he went to swim, that fin on his back went straight up.

Caught a sea lion show

Aquarium trash cans


The guys took in a 3D movie while Leah and I headed back for her to catch a nap

Leah up from her nap having a snack

For the evening we decided that we needed to visit the fish market and treat ourselves to some seafood. The fish market is an area one can easily get lost in. So many choices, some more desirable than others. Kurt, Ethan and I all had seafood while we shamefully retreated to American fast-food to satiate the picky eaters.

There were many outdoor tents selling seafood

And an indoor market that looked to be more permanent

Salmon which tastes as good as it looks

Norwegian shrimp, typically served with lemon and mayo on white bread

The Deadliest Catch

And then there was the whale meat that none of us could bring ourselves to try

The picky eaters

Wish they could all be this subtle

After dinner we took a short walk over to the the Fløibanen Funicular, a set of inclined cable rail cars that travel up to Mount Floyen above Bergen. The top station offers an astounding view of Bergen and the harbor area and serves as a starting point for miles of walking trails, a small lake for canoeing and plenty of picnic opportunities. Before we got there we had learned of a self-guided “treasure hunt” that you have to ask about when you buy your tickets. We did and they gave us three maps for this adventure. Once we got up, enjoyed the view, and spent considerable time on the wooden playground, we set off down some great trails to begin this hunt. We got as far as the first point and realized this is a serious adventure bound to take longer than the one-hour advertised on the map. It was also going to require us to traverse many hiking trails that were not conducive for pushing a stroller. This was all compounded by the day growing late and Kurt and I not being sure we wanted to be in the middle of an unknown forest in the dark. So unfortunately we were not able to accomplish this task, leaving Ethan rather distraught. Should we make it back to Bergen, we’ve got it on the top of our ‘to-do’ list.

The Fløibanen Funicular (pic via the website)

Looking down on Bergen

The photogenic ones

Wooden playground

Leah on the playground

This path was on the other side of the playground, we expected Robin Hood to emerge at any minute.

The forest was reminiscent of the parks in the Western US

Lake at the start of the treasure hunt

After our ride back down the funicular, we made our way back to the hotel. We were all tired but couldn’t resist the temptation of some ice cream before calling it a day.

Fashion plaza


  1. Katherine says:

    What a fun trip! I keep coming back and reading this post. I love the Robin Hood photo. You totally have to go back and do the hunt!

  2. Fantastic shots of all! Love, love the photo of you and Reid, Leah after nap, and Ethan with Kurt. You will never have enough wall space for all the pics you need to frame upon return!

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