The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Update from the kids…

We got in late last night from our first trip across Norway to visit Bergen. We’re sorting through the 630 pics (the landscape was fantastic) and will be posting about various parts of the journey over the next few days. It went super smooth up until we got on a bus from the train station late last night and a girl lost her balance, stumbled backwards and landed with all of her weight on the back heel of one of her shoes, that happened to land atop my pinky toe. Pretty certain it is broken.

The perspective of the last few days from the kids …

ETHAN:: The train ride to Bergen was really nice. I liked all of the snow, and I was surprised since it is still summer. … One of my favorite parts in downtown Bergen were these walls that had paths of water going through them and you could put things in them and they would float down. Me and Reid had fun with that. I also liked going to the aquarium. I saw black-tipped reef sharks. Inside the aquarium there was a place where you could watch the seals underwater. In this underwater area everyone’s face looked pale because of the color of the water. … The funicular up the mountain in Bergen was really nice because of the view over the whole town, you could see all of the buildings and houses. What was cool was that when we first go there the sun was shining on one area, but after we got back from trying to do the treasure hunt, the sun didn’t move up or down, it only moved to the right from its position. … When we were coming back to Oslo on the boat, I was surprised how windy it was up on the deck. The boat ride was great because I found a window seat on the bottom deck and when I sat down I pulled out my book for the trip and the rocking of the boat was really soothing to read with and helped me to imagine the pictures in my book more than sitting on a couch.

Landscape from the train

Floating leaves down the stream

Watching the seals from below.

Looking down at the view of Bergen

Windy boat ride

Ethan in his coveted window seat on the boat


 REID:: The trip was about going to Bergen. We went on a train and a boat and a choo-choo. The play area on the boat had big legos instead of climbing equipment that was on the train. There was a TV in both play areas but the one on the boat wasn’t working and the one on the train was. And we lived in a hotel for two days in Bergen. In the hotel one night I thought the closet was the bathroom, why I didn’t go in was that I couldn’t find the light switch. We had breakfast in a restaurant in the hotel and they had cereal and in fact no pancakes, like they do at most breakfast restaurants. We tried the brown cheese at breakfast, and I liked it but not too, too much. It was not my favorite thing that I had there. In Bergen enjoyed running around the fountains and playing on the playground at the high view.

Playing with the blocks in the play area on the boat

Hotel breakfast

Running around the fountain

Playground at the “high view”


LEAH:: I liked it when I saw the lion. When we go back to Bergen I want to see him again.

Our first child who didn’t cry at the sight of over-sized animals. She literally sprang from her stroller and leapt into his arms.



  1. Katherine says:

    Nice trip!

    “and in fact no pancakes, like they do at most breakfast restaurants” hilarious.

    Those boats look nice!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Oh, and hope your toe feels better.

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