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“Worlds Coolest Day”

Now that we are into a more regular routine, we aren’t doing much besides the expected during the week and plan to take advantage of the weekends. The apartment also prompts us to get out and about. While it is a great space, and we don’t feel atop one another at all, the kids still get cabin fever. Especially the boys who are in non-stop roughhouse mode ,so it is best for everyone if we keep them on the move — we’ve become expert packers of a picnic lunch. Plus, we keep hearing of the approaching ‘long, dark winter’ so we want to see as much as we can before that is upon us.

This past weekend we attended a great children’s festival down at our favorite Fortress. It was advertised as having admission, however we didn’t see anyone collecting money and got quite a bit out of the whole adventure, all for free. The combination of activities was exciting and unlike anything we have been to in the States.

Velkommen Til Verdens Kuleste Dag! translates into “Welcome to the world’s coolest day!”  The kids certainly agreed with this description

Some of the activities we did not get to participate in, including the whittling circle where there were at least 15 kids of all ages (as young as 4), in a circle, whittling away with very sharp knives.

Ethan found that archery is harder than it looks

A type of weaving using cards that you have to turn at certain times, seems to involve lots of math as it was explained to me like a computer generating 1’s and 0’s

Much to the boys chagrin, we didn’t make it down to the water to take a ride on the Viking ship.

Playing on the embankment

The above, along with a spit where they grilled an entire Moose, are all activities you might expect to see at a festival set on the site of a 700 year old Fortress site. But these were also mixed in with lots of other surprises including a rousing karaoke tent, repelling down the castle walls and making smoothies in a blender that was attached to a bicycle for power. It was a great combination. Some of our other favorites included,

The massive block of ice

set up for all to touch

the slime making table

testing ph levels

trying out knot techniques

One of my favorite areas was the healthy food section where there was all sorts of food to try.

Tasting the ice cream

… made with roses and other edible flowers

tasting the biggest kohlrabi we have ever seen

and the grape leaves.

They were also handing out free water bottles throughout the day which you could fill up at a water station, free of charge. Ahhhh.

At one point this guy came screaming in out of nowhere and looped around a few times

Leah starting to get that “I am going to be missing my nap today” gleam in her eyes

As we circled around to the exit, there was a classical music symphony on stage

On our walk to the bus, we walked past this fountain that had been doused with soap giving it incredibly magnetic powers over the kids. This was great except for the fact that this fountain was in the middle of a roundabout, so there were cars constantly circling. Overly excited kids with eyes only for bubbles placed in the middle of a traffic roundabout was not our idea of the best place to end the “World’s Coolest Day,” the kids would beg to differ.

Fountain inside the roundabout

The fountain features a big gold hand, symbolizing the location where the Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV decided to rebuild the city after the big fire in 1624. He pointed to this spot and said: “The new town will lie here!”

Mashing the bubbles

and throwing them

Cleaning hands on the side of the fountain, and yes, that is a bus behind him driving along the roundabout.


PS – We forgot to mention the wristbands. When you first entered the festival they had several attendants handing out yellow wristbands and a  marker to write with. Each parent was to write the name of the child down along with a phone number should the child get lost and attach the band to the child’s wrist. We found this to be a smart way to handle lost kids in such a large crowd.



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